About Us


Zhangjiagang Hongshida Textile Trading Co. , Ltd. mainly engages in the technological research and development, production as well as  import and export of new materials, with products such as sound-absorbing boards, flame-retardant boards, nylon, polyester and other raw textile materials. Located at 21 Xinzha Middle Rd., Yangshe town, Zhangjiagang, Suzhou, our plant covers more than 20,000 m2 . Since establishment, it has been dedicated to the research and development of fiber materials for nearly 20 years. Our company owns two subsidiaries. One is Zhangjiagang Xinlun Textile Co., Ltd. , which specializes in the research and development of nylon, polyester and polypropylene fibers. The other is Suzhou Lishengyuan new materials Technology Co. , Ltd., which provides customers with professional acoustic solutions and engages in the development and production of polyester fiber sound-absorbing materials. Dedicated in our persistant pursuit for outstanding quality, weimported internationally advanced automatic production equipments in 2002, with the purpose of manufacturing products that our customers will be satisfied with.

Xinlun Textile started to produce  nylon staple fiber in 2002. Not only does it have rich experience in production, it is also equipped with comprehensive testing capabilities and leading R&D concepts. Currently, it has seven key nylon staple fiber product collections and doezens of sub-collecitons, including, conventional fibers, high strength fibers, profiled fibers, coloring fibers from raw solution, flame retardant fibers and functional fibers.These products are widely used in blending spinning with cotton,rayonand wool polyester. Besides, they are also used in non-woven fabrics, abrasive materials, paper-making blankets and other fields. The main specifications range from 0.8d to 30d, with a length of 38mm to 130mm. The company is committed to meet the individual needs of our customers and create added values for them. On the basis of rapid response and flexible production, the company devotes itself to the research, development and manufacture of functional nylon staple fibers. Meanwhile, it also actively expands into high-end markets both home and abroad.By insisting on independent innovation, we have already  embarked on a continuous journey of improving our core competitiveness.


The products of Deco Sound are sound absorbing and decorativeand  eco-friendly. Meanwhile, they are also equipped with features such as being flame retardant, thermal insulated and highly flexible. It means these products can meet the requirements of various levels of acoustic treatments and different decoration styles. Therefore, they are widely used in places like cinemas, conference rooms, studios, hotels, concert halls, shopping malls, schools, gymnasiums, karaoke booths, etc. With these advantages, lishengyuan desosound branded  sound absorbing products  are well-known both home and abroad.

Ourcompany owns in-house technical patents, and an excellent management team. We strictly respect a variety of quality systemsand environmental protection systems..We never stop in our pursuit for becoming a professionaland standardizedenterprise. In the process of continuous growth, we always treat  environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction as our priorieties. Our goal is to  become a strong brand of eco-friendly fibers and better serve the global market.