Acoustic Office Furniture

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Custom-designed colorful acoustic felt is A textile from DECOSOUND Acoustic, a sophisticated and intelligent collection of acoustic panels

Product Detail

Designer: hongshida

category: acoustic solutions decosound 9mm 12mm 24mm wallpanel

compositio n: 100% pet (60% recycled)

weigh t: 9mm:approx.5.5kg, per panel 12mm:approx.7kg per panel 24mm:approx.11kg per panel

dimensions: 1220mmx2440mm

thic kness: 9mm-24mm

sound absorption: nrc value: 0.35 (no air gap)

nrc value: 0.55 (no air g ap) nrc value: 0.75 (no air gap)
fire test : astm- e84 b-s1, d0
acoustic free standing dividers space-delineation features for organising the open-plan area where acoustics or added privacy is required, we have various of designs for dividider panels,it can cutted by different patterens which used in public space,and various of applications in working space. Polyester fiber sound-absorbing felt detailed introduction-sound-absorbing board specifications: 1220 * 2420 * 9mm a board about 3 square meters, polyester fiber sound-absorbing felt is truly green products, polyester fiber sound-absorbing felt by 100% polyester fiber through high-tech hot-pressing technology and the shape of cocoon cotton heat treatment process to ensure the acoustic structure, making it become sound-absorbing, fire-proof and heat-insulating materials in the outstanding. In the noise range of 125 ~ 4000 hz, the maximum sound absorption coefficient is above 0.9, which shortens and adjusts the reverberation time according to different requirements, eliminates the sound impurities, improves the sound effect and improves the clarity of language. Polyester fiber sound-absorbing felt features: with the traditional soft-bag-like softness, rich natural texture, a variety of modern colors for choice, simple decorative modeling combination of modern sound-absorbing decorative artistic effect, to create a comfortable, quiet, modern, warm and elegant indoor environment. Flame-retardant: polyester fiber fire-retardant material special processing technology, so that it has an excellent fire-retardant performance, can reach the fire-retardant b1 level.

Polyester fiber fire characteristics, determines its excellent thermal insulation performance, thus creating a very comfortable indoor constant temperature space. Safety and environmental protection: the safety of polyester fiber sound-absorbing felt is shown in two aspects. On the one hand, the excellent mechanical properties of the material, it is light weight and will not be damaged by impact like some brittle materials such as perforated plasterboard and cement fiber pressure board.

On the other hand, the release of harmful substances, the national relevant departments testing, the release of formaldehyde standards ≤1.5 mg/1, the test result is 0.05 mg/1. To meet the national standard gb18580-2001e1 level requirements, in line with direct use for indoor decoration requirements. Stability:

(1) the density is only about 0.2, each square meter is 2 kilograms, the true light material, reduces the building load greatly, creates the sound absorption, the fireproof, the light weight, the decoration integration new experience.

(2) good physical stability, will not be temperature and humidity changes and expansion and contraction. Let the perfect decorative effect from beginning to end without leaving a trace of repair.

(3) soft, natural texture, high elastic, under the impact of a huge external force will never break, can withstand the stadium and all kinds of stadium arbitrary impact.

Construction simplicity: ordinary box cutter random cutting, a variety of color collocation, simple splicing, simple treatment of corners, perfect artistic style can be easily reflected. No sound absorbent cotton, no decorative board, or even no auxiliary materials, through a simple paste, paste, plane, nails and other basic operations can achieve the desired decorative effect and sound-absorbing performance. Reduce the overall project cost and construction cycle. Easy to dust, easy to maintain.

Dust and impurities, with a vacuum cleaner and duster can be flick. Dirtier place also can use towel to add water and scour to wipe. Products with decoration, insulation, flame retardant, environmental protection, light body, easy processing, stability, impact resistance, easy maintenance and so on. Become the first choice of interior decoration sound-absorbing material. Applicable to the opera house, movie theater, recording studio, studio, studio, studio, test room, tv station, radio station, business office, multi-function hall, conference room, studio, concert hall, auditorium, gymnasium, leisure and entertainment city, hotel, ktv, band room, high-grade villa or home life, such as the acoustic requirements of the more stringent places.

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